7 Tips on What to Look for in a Cat Boarding Facility?

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Hey there, pet parents and pet enthusiasts! Are you planning a getaway but caught in the dilemma of who will care for your loving pet? Don’t fret! Picking the perfect cat boarding facility is easier than getting a cat to chase a laser pointer with these seven effective tips. Let’s take up this journey to ensure your pet’s staycation is as pawsome as your vacation!

Purr-fect Cat Boarding Tips

Here are some effective cat boarding tips from the expert minds of Boonuu professionals to ensure your pet’s comfort and care:

1. Research Like a Detective

Sniff out the best options, like your pup sniffs out treats! Start your search online, looking for facilities with paw-sitive reviews and recommendations. Don’t shy away from asking your fellow pet lovers for their favorite spots. A good reputation in the pet community is always a good sign!

2. Visit the Territory

It’s time for a recon mission! Visit potential facilities to get a firsthand look. Observe if the place is clean, airy, secure, and has a vibe that would make your pet’s tail wag non-stop. Observe the behavior of the animals currently staying at the facility. It’s crucial that the space feels welcoming and safe, just like a second home.

3. Check the Staff Certification

The right place to stay is super important when traveling with pets. So, hunt for pet-friendly spots that offer your pet a safe and comfy space. Some accommodations even have special pet perks, adding extra chill to your travel vibes.

4. Know the Daily Routine

What’s a day like for a pet at the facility? Ask about their routine – how often are playtimes and walks? How do they handle meal times? Can they stick to your pet’s current routine to avoid any ruff transitions? A facility that offers a structured yet flexible schedule is ideal for keeping your pet both happy and healthy.

5. Check Emergency Plans

Knowing your pet is safe can give you peace of mind. Inquire about their emergency procedures, including access to a veterinarian. A good emergency plan should include measures to address natural disasters, fires, power outages, health emergencies, and pet transportation arrangements. This is crucial because pets like us can have unexpected health issues, and you want to ensure they’re in safe paws.

6. Understand Their Policies

Every pet care service has its own set of rules. Understand their policies clearly, including the pick-up and drop-off times, cancellation rules, and what personal pet items you can bring. Being on the same page helps avoid any last-minute surprises or woofs!

7. Weigh the Cost Against the Care

Finally, consider the cost and what you’re getting for it. Are there extra charges for additional services? Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re paying for. Remember, the happiest place for your pet doesn’t always have to be the most expensive one – it’s about the quality of care and love they’ll receive.

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Finding the perfect pet boarding facility is like finding the perfect sunny spot for a catnap – it takes a bit of searching, but once you find it, it’s worth the effort. With the Boonuu app, you can effortlessly access all the details for cat boarding with just a single click. Also, these tips will guide you in ensuring your pet has a good time while you’re away. Remember, a relaxed and happy pet makes for a happy pet parent!

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Do you have a go-to pet boarding place or any other tips for fellow pet parents? Share your tail-wagging tales and advice in the comments!

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